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Tykoon Partners with Thrive Image Consulting for athletes

Tykoon Sports Agency has partnered with Thrive Image Consulting to offer a service specifically

designed for student athletes. The goal is to help athletes elevate their look, brand, reputation,

visibility, and income. The following components are included in the service:

Media Training: This component of the service focuses on teaching athletes how to present

themselves effectively on camera. Topics covered include proper posture, how to craft concise

messaging and responses with confidence, avoiding filler words, and converting charisma and

energy on camera.

Behavior & Communication Workshops: This component is designed to improve athletes'

communication skills, both in one-on-one conversations and public speaking situations. The

workshops will focus on improving behavior, tone, pitch, and volume, as well as effective

communication for success on social media. Athletes will learn appropriate conversation starters

and finishers, and participate in non-verbal communication workshops to improve their body

language signals.

Etiquette Workshops: The final component of the service focuses on teaching athletes proper

etiquette. This includes how to properly dine (table etiquette) and how to prepare for networking


Through this partnership, student athletes will have the opportunity to develop important skills

that will benefit them both on and off the field. By improving their communication skills, media

presence, and etiquette, athletes can improve their brand and reputation, which can lead to

increased visibility and income opportunities.

Destiny Howell participating in training in the program The program kicks off with Destiny Howell from Howard University, Kobie Johnson from Morgan State University, and Micah Bernard of from University of Utah.

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